Durable Vinyl Wallpaper for Melbourne Homes and Businesses

[mp_row][mp_span col="12"]This style of wall décor is a hard wearing and permanent product best laminated with either a textured laminate, satin or matt.  Most suitable for commercial applications, this style of wall covering is durable and able to withstand prolonged exposure to various restaurant or retail environments. We also have window etch film which when printed can give a great effect and colours through the print.

Use vinyl wallpaper in your Melbourne home

While vinyl wall film can be used for commercial purposes, it is also suitable to domestic environments. We have a few different films and each one has its own characteristics, which make them suitable for a variety of applications. Add a feature wall to your new nursery or make a bold statement throughout your retail storefront, whatever your requirements are, we are able to tailor a solution for you.If you’re not sure, please ask for guidance as every film will not be suitable for every project. If a vinyl option is not right for you, we also offer custom print canvases, glass splash backs and wall murals.

Unique styles, colours and designs

We can apply vinyl wallpapers to homes and businesses across Melbourne. As we offer custom print option you can select the right product for your space. We can produce small images for door coverings or small bar areas or large scale films to cover an entire wall of your office. Turn your blank corporate walls into an urban jungle landscape with our easy to apply options.Our examples here are all commercial installations but we would only be too happy to apply our touch to your walls.Contact us directly to organise a quote for your space, our friendly staff are more than happy to offer you advice on your new feature wall installation. dqMCskJjXOJs3Am2_OTsPZfKTW9TZWvzDrqXljfnr3c042191184Cliffex_4Cliffex_3 [/mp_span][/mp_row]