Custom Digital Wallpaper

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Self Adhesive - No Glue Required - DIY

With the help of Myfeaturewall and your imagination you can haveĀ an image on your walls in your design or image in no time improving your home decor.

You can choose from our extensive image library powered by BigstockĀ or use your own image (subject to suitability).

Our removable custom digital wallpaper can be used where you do not want to make a permanent installation, you could be having a theme party and want to transform your room for a night! Perfect it comes off without leaving residue and has a great look and feel.

Myfeaturewall sticks great to painted plasterboard, metal, and glass. It comes with an adhesive back and a release paper, so if you are a handyman and like the idea of DIY you can install it yourself. No need for any glue or paste, it is so simple for the DIY renovator.

Myfeaturewall is 100% Australian owned and operated company.
We have in-house Consultation, Design, Printing, This ensures shorter turnaround times and less hassle for you.

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